Self Storage Security

At a self storage facility the site managers understand that premium security is absolutely crucial to successful self storage. A highly secure self storage facility will have gone to huge lengths to ensure that their equipment, buildings, services and personnel provide the utmost protection for your goods at all times.

With a proven security system includes 24-hour, state-of-the-art surveillance cameras and sophisticated alarms throughout the entire site a self storage facility will know that everything is safe. There’s usually also an on-site caretaker at a self storage facility, now that’s dedication!

The very best self storage locations will back up this system with double electronic security gates that are flood-lit at night for client safety and easy after-hours access.

Safe, computerised access when you need it

Is there a computerised access system at your choice of self storage facility that means you can enter your storage unit by using your individualised PIN any time you want?

A unique PIN allows you access to your storage unit and when you leave, you key in your PIN again to re-active your alarm on your unit – so you can be sure it’s secure when you go.

Aim to select a self storage facility that offers total privacy as well as security. Choose your lock for your key so that only you can access your storage unit.