Packing Supplies

It’s vital that the packing boxes you use for moving house are the right ones for the job. At the same time you want excellent value for money.

A good self storage company can provide a large range of quality boxes for moving, storing or any other purpose, whether from your home or business premises at competitive prices. They may even offer even further discounts on their boxes when you buy in bulk!

The quality of packaging boxes can vary significantly, a quality self storage company will make sure all their packing boxes are removalist approved ensuring you are getting premium quality. They can give you expert advice about getting the right boxes for your moving home or office move.

Whether you’re after tea chests, boxes for precious items, packing boxes for glasses or boxes and bags for soft furnishings, your local self storage company can help.

Below is just a small selection of the range of packing and moving boxes and bags a self storage company will likely have in stock.

Tea chests

Double strength walls and removalist approved. Suitable for so many items. Dimensions: 431 x 406 x 596 high

Book/wine boxes

The name says it all – ideal size for packing and storing books and/or wine. They’re also great for CD/DVDs. Dimensions: 406 x 298 x 431 high

Kitchen boxes

These handy boxes are designed for your crockery. They come with movable dividers so they’re able to store bowls or cups in just about any size.

Precious boxes

These boxes are tailor made for fragile items such as crystal, glassware and figurines. Their double layer corrugated lining provides extra cushioning to keep your precious items safe. Dimensions: 403 x 301 x 330 high

Trunk boxes

These boxes are the ideal size and shape for storing linen and clothes, allowing you to lay clothes flat. Used along with anti-static bubble wrap, they’re also perfect for storing computer or other electrical equipment. Dimensions: 915 x 505 x 320 high

Moving bags

White moving bags are perfect for soft furnishings, clothes and doonas. Their plain white design means your goods won’t discolour.

Bubble wrap for secure packing and storing

Packing with bubble wrap is one of the most effective ways to protect your household goods when preparing them for storage. A layer of bubble wrap can make all the difference when you want to ensure that fragile goods, kitchenware and electrical goods are securely packed. Available by the metre bubble wrap is so convenient at an excellent price.

Storage boxes for all your storage needs

Your local self storage service can supply boxes that are designed to store your goods securely and safely. Such storage boxes are tough, durable and designed for efficient stacking.

Most storage facilities and removalists will stock cardboard boxes for a huge range of storage purposes. If you need to move, ship or store goods because you’re moving house, renovating your home, expanding your business or going on an overseas trip or holiday, high quality storage boxes can simplify the process.

And if you’re a business that needs to archive and store your records or other important information, document storage boxes are the efficient, secure way to keep track of all your files.

Document storage boxes

Features include double base with built-in carry handles and hinged lids. These boxes are all in one piece for easy assembly. They don’t require tape, and naturally they’re designed for reliable stacking.